Discrete Mathematics

A passage between two buildings, a nail salon, a stairwell, a badminton hall, an atrium, a hospital culvert. Life takes place. With the small details of existence in focus, rather than the larger narratives and conflicts, fragments are connected to a possible outcome.

In mathematics, the word discrete is used to describe objects that are not continuous and separated from each other. Discrete mathematics is applied in a number of different areas such as encryption, databases, game theory, graph theory and algorithms.

Original titel: Diskret Matematik
Directors, DoP, Script, Editing: Lucia Pagano & Vanja Sandell Billström
Genre, length: Short fiction, 15 min.
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1
Sound: Dolby Surround
World premiere: 26th of January 2024, Göteborg Film Festival.

Cast: Elin Angeria, Alí Alarik, Billie Alarik, Felicia Askervall, Molly Björkman, Robert Björklund, Artem Christiansson, Sonya Ceklin Atas, Mathias Dahlquist, Sarah Degerhammar Bonk, Christian Drakenberg, Nadia Dunstan Rosencrantz, Peter Edling, Snizhana Evert, Annika Gerigoorian, Alessandra Greco, Omid Hazara, Sabina Khamoshi, Meysam Jafari, Bakary Jassey, Aaron Julin, Maha Kloub, Josefin Ljungman, Kasia Ochal, Simone Safiyari, Pascale Safiyari, Daniel Strand, Lisa Sundbom, Navid Vazha Afarin, Lydia Wålsten.
Producers: Vanja Sandell Billström och Lucia Pagano
Executive producer: Ami-Ro Sköld, Onoma Productions AB
Sound design: Ted Krotkiewski
Color grading: Annika Pehrson
Musik: N. Fatemi & M. Cheshmazar, Ted Krotkiewski

With support from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Helge Ax:son Johnsons fund and Tempo Sound Award.

Link to extract from film (1,5 min)

Directors comment:
In recent years, we have staged situations and let the participants improvise based on certain given conditions. By making use of the participants’ real experiences, we have incorporated these into the background story of the various situations we prepared. The audience gets to share glimpses of different ongoing lives and attention is directed to the small details that at first glance can be perceived as disparate. The scenes take place in passages, inside glass walls and in semi-public spaces, places that are between the private and the public, like squares under roofs and behind glass.