Three channel-video installation, 8 minuter loop, 2012


Documentation from the Bachelor degree show, Royal Institute of Art, 2012

Three women are dancing at small theatre stage. Their eyes are directed at something just below the camera. In seven short scenes filmed with three cameras they play around the look at themselves through the camera and in the eyes of the other.

Cast: Alexandra Dannberg, Sofia Lindqvist, Olivia Sandell Billström. Music score: Sten Sandell. Musicians: Johan Berthling, Kjell Nordeson, Sten Sandell, Simon Steensland.

Part of the art programme at Stockholm Music & Arts, 2014, selected by Ulrika Flink and Maria Lind, Tensta konsthall, and Amanda Newall, Royal Institute of Art.

Distribution: Filmform

1 minute excerpt:

Full lenght, 7 minutes: