The Participant

Fiction 16 min, 2009

The set-up for a weekend of partying at the cabin, is perfect. Now, all you need to do is to break the social code to become part of the group. A film about longing for fellowship and what we are willing to endure to achieve it.

Special Jury Mention Fat Film festival, Italy, 2010.
Best Cinematography, 2nd prize for Best Film and Best Original Music Score, Pixel Film festival, Lund, 2009.

Cast: Bettina Wirbladh, Agnes Branting, Johan Stavring, Marianne Klasson, Olivia Sandell Billström, Otto Hargne, Simón Robertson Salas
DOP: Andrea Kåberg
Composer: Sten Sandell
Scriptwriting, Direction & Editing: Vanja Sandell Billström
Producer: Hanna Sköld
Procduction: Tangram Film
With support from BOOST HBG, Film i Skåne and Filmcentrum Syd.