The Photographer

Fiction/documentary, 14 min, 2012.

The Photographer shows up at the Writers house, with the expectations that a film will appear in front of her. On the hunt for a a specific state, she exposes people with her camera. A film about being filmed and the expectations of a film maker.

Nominated for the Guldbagge Award 2012 and nominated for Best Swedish Short, Startsladden at Göteborgs International Film Festival 2012.

Sound: Jan Alvermark
Mix: Jan Alvermark and Owe Svensson / Studio 24
Cast: Kerstin Billström, Niklas Billström, Susanna Billström, Patrik Eriksson, Cecilia Frank, Nikolaus Frank, Stig Larsson, Sten Sandell, Vanja Sandell Billström, among others.

Production: Tangram film
with support from Film i Skåne.

 1 min trailer:

Full lenght, 15 min: